Round 8 – Match Reports & Family Night

This coming Sunday is a very special Match Report event – it’s family night starting at 5.30pm! Sunday 3rd June will see a BBQ feast (selection of meats, salads and bread) available to all members for only $10 per person. Please remember you need to pre-purchase your tickets for the BBQ feast, and you can do that by clicking this link:

This Sunday’s Family Night will be brought to us by POS Visual Solutions and will start at 5.30pm and will feature Milestone Presentations.

Our U16 Girls teams and our U17 Boys team will be working together to give our families a delicious dinner, whilst also raising money for their end of season B&F nights. They will be running a raffle on Sunday as well, so remember to bring some coins to purchase a ticket or two.

There won’t be any dedicated set up or pack teams, however, we ask that everyone pitches in to assist in cleaning up and packing up at the end of the night.

You’ll probably also see a number of Life Members on the night, as the annual Life Member meeting will be held at 7pm, so if you do see any of them, remember to say hi!

Our modified match reports for this week will focus on milestone presentations only. This week’s milestone presentations will include:

Congratulations on playing 50 games with MBJFC:

  • Flynn McN in U12 Orange (McNamara) – achieved in Round 5, but not yet presented
  • Lucy H in U14 Girls Div 4 (Heath) – achieved in Round 7, but not yet presented
  • Jordan P in U15 Div 1 (Howes/Callaghan) – achieved in Round 7, but not yet presented
  • Joshua B in U11 Blue (Hunter)
  • Hudson R in U11 Blue (Rowe)
  • Ky W in U11 Bronze (White)
  • Jaz S in U16 Girls Div 1 (Billing)
  • Riley H in U15 D3 (Holton)

Congratulations on playing 100 games with MBJFC:

  • Alex S in U14 Div 3 (Kenny)
  • Hamish K in U15 Div 3 (Holton)
  • Harry Kilfoyle in U16 Div 1 (Conlan)
  • Lochlann K in U17 Div 1 (Allcock)
  • Harry H in U15 Div 1 (Howes/Callaghan)
  • Jacob C in U17 Div 1 (Allcock)

So jump online quickly and purchase your tickets for a cheap, yummy dinner for your family this coming Sunday night! Tickets are available at

Please remember to book your tickets before Thursday night so we can cater accordingly.