Register for Season 2023

Hello Mordi-Brae families!

I’m Shellie Morris, the new Registrar for our club. It’s exciting to be thinking about footy again!

As you may have seen in our socials and other advertising, our Registrations will open TODAY at 9.30 AM!

This email is designed to explain the changes to the registration process and help you through it. It’s long! Sorry. So, put your feet up, have a read, and then go for it!

Changes to Registration Process/Fees

Registrations are now completed via the platform Play HQ, not Gameday, as in previous years. Those of you who have children playing basketball should be familiar with Play HQ. So we hope this will be a seamless process for you!

If you haven’t used Play HQ before, don’t despair, you will simply need to create an account via the link at the end of this email.

2023 Fees are also structured differently. The SMJFL will automatically apply a $50 fee per player at the time of registration. The fee has always been paid to the SMJFL to assist with running costs, but it has been paid by Clubs themselves (from member registration fees) in previous years.

For example, this year: the 1st Boy/Mixed MBJFC fee of $215 and the $50 SMJFL fee equates to a total fee of $265.

Claiming Gameday Profiles in Play HQ

An essential step in the conversion to Play HQ from GameDay is for parents/guardians to “Claim” the profile of their child during the registration process. This step is not required for 1st-time football registrations

In order to make this process easy and straightforward, please use the email address used previously to register your child for football. With the correct email address, in most cases, PlayHQ will identify that your child has played before & prompt you to “CLAIM PROFILE”.

This will ensure your child’s playing history is updated, with information such as the number of games played, goals kicked etc.

If no profile appears for you to claim or if you need any assistance, you will see a link to contact the support team on the page. PLEASE CLICK THIS TO GET HELP, RATHER THAN PROCEED WITHOUT THE PROFILE CLAIMED.

Occasionally, as in the case with my youngest son, you may need to verify an email address used previously before you can proceed with the registration (I had used a different email address for Auskick, therefore I had two email addresses attached to Blake and the system didn’t like this!).

Click “Verify Email” and follow the steps. You will see a link again to contact the support team if you have concerns, or if you no longer have access to the previous email address used/listed and are unable to verify.

This is why it is ideal to use the same email address used previously to register your child if you can. We also strongly suggest you use the same email address for each child if you have more than one child. This will help enable us to offer the 2nd and subsequent fee reductions.

Should you run into roadblocks, you can also call Play HQ/ AFL help services via phone Mon-Fri on 1800 PLAY AFL or email Of course, you can always call me too!

The AFL/Play HQ help page is also a useful resource:


We are all well aware a club such as ours needs the help of amazing volunteers to function. Both at Committee/Club level and on game days. We ask that for each registered child a parent/guardian also registers as a volunteer at the time they register their child.

This is an easy process in Play HQ. At the end of the registration of your child, simply click “Register another participant”. This enables you to either register a subsequent child or register yourself by selecting yourself to register, then “Volunteer” instead of “Player”.

These extra few minutes now will save you, and our hardworking volunteers a lot of time in the lead up to the start of the season.

During this process, you will be asked for your Working with Children’s Check (WWCC) number and expiry. For those qualified in other areas, such as Trainer/First Aid qualification or ERC, there is also a place to submit those qualifications.

Please note:
If you have been a Team Manager previously, and are unsure if you will be again, or in any other role, simply register as a Volunteer.


A great feature of Play HQ is the ability to buy the essentials during registration. There is the option to place an order for socks and white/red shorts. These will be available for collection on the Registration Pack Collection Day on Sunday 19th Feb.

So! You are ready to register if you have:

  1. the email address used for Registration on GameDay last year (ideally, but can proceed with a different email and verify the old one during rego process)
  2. parent/guardian’s Working With Children Check number and expiry handy.
  3. a payment method (all fees are due at the time of registration).
  4. a few minutes to spare.

Let’s go!  Click the link below to register

Don’t hesitate to call me on 0417 139 026 if you have any questions.

Please keep in mind, this is a new process and there are teething problems. Although for most, this information is a bit OTT (ha ha ha), there will definitely be instances where it’s needed. That being said, your feedback is important so I can pass it on to the SMJFL and Play HQ, so let me know if there is anything that doesn’t make sense during the registration process. Thank you for your time!

Kind regards,
Shellie Morris