Round 6 – Match Reports

Match reports will commence at 6.00pm and will be for our U13+ age groups.

Match Reports this week are brought to you by PSC & Certus Life. We extend a massive thank you to the team for all they do for our Club. PSC/Certus Life has been a fantastic supporter of Mordi-Brae for the last few years and we are grateful to them for all they do for us. If you’re in the market for life insurance products and services, then this is the team for you, and remember if you get in touch with them, mention you’re a Mordi-Brae JFC member!

This week’s match reports set up team U14 Brennan. Please be at the clubrooms by 5.30pm for set up.

This week’s match reports pack up team is U14 O’Leary. Please make sure you have families there at the end to pack up.

At the end of match reports, there will be a Pizza Night for our U14 teams and we hope to see as many of their families at the rooms on Sunday night. All U14 families will need to pitch in to ensure the pizza night runs well and is cleaned up afterwards.

We have a number of milestones to be presented during Round 6 match reports:

50 Games:

  • Findlay B U13 Div 2 Sergeant
  • Olivia D U14G Div 1 Terrell
  • Luke V U16 Div 1 Allcock
  • Dani G U16G Div 2 Pribil
  • Alyssa B U16G Div 4 Torpey (achieved R3, not yet presented)
  • Lexie O’L U16G Div 4 Torpey (achieved R5, not yet presented)
  • Jordie M U16 Boys (achieved R4, not yet presented)

100 Games:

  • Charlie C U16 Div 4
  • Will C U17 Div 1 Long/Macdermid
  • Riley B U15 Div 1 Connell  (achieved R5, not yet presented)
  • Spencer R U15 Div 1 Connell  (achieved R5, not yet presented)