Round 15 – Match Reports

Starting from 5:30 pm this Sunday, players and families from ALL Teams are invited to attend this week’s match reports at the Walter Galt Clubrooms.

As part of their End-of-Season Fundraising, the U17.5 Boys team will be manning the BBQ and running a raffle with some great prizes on offer.

This week’s match report is brought to you by our club sponsor Bingo Bango, an agency specialising in branding, graphic design and advertising for both print and digital media. A huge thanks to Mark and the team at Bingo Bango for their continued support in 2022. 

This week’s match reports set up team is Under 12 O’Leary families. Please be at the clubrooms by 5.15 pm for a quick set-up

This week’s match reports pack-up team is ALL Teams. Please make sure you have families there at the end to pack up.

We have a few milestones to celebrate this coming weekend too. Great effort everyone!

100 Games

  • Hudson W – U15 White
  • Sam S – U16 Heath
  • TomW – U16 Heath

50 Games

  • Cooper B – U12 Bowles
  • Charlie C – U12 Bowles
  • Noah P – U12 Bowles
  • Harry W – U12 Bowles
  • Mitchell F – U12 O’Leary
  • Luca J – U13 Austin
  • Pat T (Coach) – U18 Torpey

*We will also be presenting the other U13-U18 players that achieved their Milestones in previous rounds.