Finals Week 1, 2018 – Match Reports

It’s finals time! Not only do we have 13 teams playing semi-finals, but we’re also hosting four semi-finals on Walter Galt Oval 1 on Sunday and more again next weekend.

The game details for the Mordi-Brae teams that are in finals are available here.

Match Reports this coming Sunday will start at 5.30pm and will include all teams playing finals. Those teams presenting on Sunday night are:

  • U11 Blue (Rowe)
  • U12 Girls Green (Baylis)
  • U12 Orange (Michaud)
  • U12 Red (Healey)
  • U13 Div 2 (O’Leary)
  • U13 Div 5 (Peck)
  • U14 Girls Div 1 (Barrow)
  • U14 Girls Div 2 (Marin/Stewart)
  • U14 Girls Div 4 (Heath)
  • U14 Div 1 (Connell)
  • U15 Div 1 (Callaghan/Howes)
  • U15 Div 3 (Holton)
  • U16 Div 1 (Conlan)

Sunday’s match report set up team is U12 Orange (Michaud) – please head down to the club rooms at 5pm to help set up, and remember your team needs to assist in the canteen for the first half of match reports.

Sunday’s match report pack up team is U15 Div 3 (Holton) – please hang around after match reports to assist in the pack up, and remember your team needs to assist in the canteen for the second half of match reports.

We have some fabulous milestones to celebrate on Sunday night, and we encourage all of you to support and congratulate these players!

Congratulations on playing 50 games with MBJFC:

  • Erin C in U14 Girls Div 1 (Barrow) – achieved in Round 12, but not yet presented
  • Kate McC in U14 Girls Div 2 (Marin/Stewart)
  • Zoe McC in U14 Girls Div 2 (Marin/Stewart)

On Saturday, we’ll be hosting a game on Walter Galt Oval 1 made up of a mix of U12, U13 and U14 boys to play against the Swanbourne Tigers Year 7 team from Western Australia. We’d love it if you’re around to come down and support both teams and show them how fantastic MBJFC is!

As mentioned earlier we are hosting finals games on Walter Galt Oval 1 on Sunday, and we are still seeking assistance from MBJFC parents to help cook and run a BBQ, operate the scoreboard and work in the canteen. If you have an hour free, please reply to this email and let me know Рthe more volunteers we get, the easier it is for everyone involved. Plus every dollar we earn on Sunday can go towards our electronic scoreboard and other key club projects.

The semi-final games being played on Walter Galt Oval 1 on Sunday are:

  • U15 Boys Div 2 at 9am – Cheltenham v St Kilda City
  • U15 Boys Div 2 at 11am – East Malvern v Bentleigh
  • U15 Boys Div 1 at 1pm – Beaumaris v East Sandringham
  • U15 Boys Div 1 at 3pm – Mordi-Brae v East Brighton

Best of luck for a wonderful weekend of football to all MBJFC players and families – whether you’re playing in a semi-final, or there to support and cheer on another team!

And lastly, please remember to lock away Sunday 23rd September for MBJFC’s Presentation Day into your diaries. Team times and schedule will be issued before the end of August.