Division Updates & Rnd 5 Fixtures

Now that the first 4 (grading) rounds are complete, the SMJFL have reviewed, and adjusted, a number of team’s gradings and released the fixtures for Rnd 5.

You can see the new fixtures by either going to the SMJFL website and clicking on your Grade Name, or go to you Team Page and click on the Fixture button.

The below list contains the name of MBJFC teams that have moved to new grades.

Age Group Coach Old SMJFL Code New SMJFL Code
U8Lyle GibsonPinkYellow
U9Jake EllenPurpleOrange
U9Peter O'BrienPinkRed
U10Shane MurrayGreenBronze
U10 GirlsChris HenryOrangePurple
U11Angus RowePurpleBlue
U11Tony WhiteRedBronze
U12Troy McNamaraGreenOrange
U12 GirlsTim SmithPurpleBlue
U12 GirlsMoira PhilpYellowPurple
U14Matt KennyDiv 2Div 3
U14 GirlsCraig HeathDiv 3Div 4
U15Craig HoltonDiv 4Div 3
U16Martin KellyDiv 3Div 2
U16 Girls Ben Patterson Div 2Div 3